A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

[In the Gift for Intuitive, Dedicated Comfort, readers are advised to “read slowly and thoroughly and to understand each fragment before moving on.” The topics presented are meant to be considered thoughtfully and personally so that each reader can value the messages in a unique and relevant manner.

To help with exploring the messages, I am presenting views for contemplation of the topics. I’ll continue with the “Introduction”, which is open to all on amazon.com.]

The Gift of Intuitive, Dedicated Comfort is presented to help the reader understand the expectations that come with the gift of life during this current time period. People who live during this time of plenty must appreciate what they have been given. They must accept the responsibilities that come with the comforts of modern life.”

Post 18-contemplation

  • In these sentences that open the paragraph, the purpose of this book is made clear. What do you think are the gifts you have that others living, say 150 years ago, didn’t have? My personal favorite is two-ply toilet paper.
  • Consider the “plenty” in your life. Think about other cultures in our modern world that don’t have plenty.
  • Consider how to appreciate what you have. Then, devise a way to show how you “accept the responsibilities that come with the comforts of modern life.”

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