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Post 24 Existemce-Me

Here is the history of my writing.

After I realized my connection to Spiritual Presence, I wrote a set of handbooks for healing. I will write about them another time.

When the handbooks were completed, I had a break of about two weeks and then I began to feel that more writing was needed. The first topic I wrote was “Connection of the Four Components of Health”. I didn’t know what this information would be for, but I wrote down what I received. After that, information for the topic “Luck! What Luck?” came to me, then “How to Connect with Spiritual Presence”. By this third topic, I understood that I was writing a book. These topics were the beginning for The Gift of Intuitive, Dedicated Comfort.

As I neared the end of The Gift…, I started to receive information for another book. That’s when I began to understand I would be writing a series. It took me awhile to work out the name of the series, and when I did, it didn’t quite speak to me. But it is the title I received and so I used it.

As I completed the third book, I received the meaning of the book series name. So here it is:

Existence-Me: me, myself and all the grandeur that is available for me to embrace!

Elevated living: living with the knowledge that my actions can raise not only myself but also those around me and those to come!”

Comments on: "Existence-Me Elevated Living book series—What kind of name is that!" (1)

  1. friedgut said:

    I am reading what you are writing and it is very soothing and supportive. See you next Tuesday at 5 Love Diane You have a lot of courage and that in itself is inspiring.

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