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  • Striving to improve
  • Striving to move
  • Striving to win
  • Striving to begin

So many things to strive for. People tend to strive for things that are either just out of their reach or for things that come too easily.

When a goal is reached with little effort, it may have been a goal that should have been expanded. Striving is important. It keeps people interested, working, and committed. Striving usually involves physical, emotional and intellectual efforts, and sometimes spiritual effort as well. Too easy can dull the capacity to reason and opine.

Striving for just beyond is generally the better effort. Working towards, moving, struggling. These actions build character and personality. And sometimes strength and resilience.

When a goal is reached, it should be recognized and appreciated. It should not be ignored nor made light of. On the other hand, it should not become one’s existence. As it says in Book #2:

“The moment—it’s here and then it’s gone.  However uplifting and fortifying memories may be, they are in the past and can be used in support of future efforts, but must not be one’s current existence. In other words, future actions should be based on current evaluation of the moment, giving minor notice to past achievements but remembering to continue to grow.”

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Here I am four years ago, starting out on my journey as a Libra Method therapist and striving to develop my clinic for helping people with back trouble. Trying this way and that to gain recognition for the healing work I was doing. The path has been both rewarding and disheartening. A goal just beyond reach.

Today I am once again at a point of goal just beyond, writing and working with Energy Guidance Complete. Exhilarating work that is incredibly rewarding but frustrating as I strive to make it known. Patiently—no, actually chomping at the bit—working to bring it all to light.

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