A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

Post 14-environment

Let’s take one more look at this topic.

First impressions are important, but should not be the deciding vote. Think of people who were offensive or dull to you when you first met them that turned out to be amazing and devoted friends–or even partners!

Another quote from Book #3:

“Openness to otherness is a necessary and indispensable requirement in today’s global society. Interactions between so-different! people requires it. Openness and patience and desire for contact lead to understanding and peaceful coexistence. Easy to say, but hard to implement because people tend to be closed off, hurried, and inwardly focused, not only with strangers but with their own family. Harder yet to implement is understanding and patience for oneself.

If one’s impression-opinion-sense of himself/herself is low, how can he or she develop true impressions and opinions about others? If one is less than, how can he or she offer the world something special?  Implementing openness and patience and understanding towards oneself provide the way for balancing personal opinion. Being open to one’s own abilities and gifts. Being patient when learning new skills. Being patient when trying new endeavors. Understanding that perfection is the realm of Spirit only and that the created perfection of the world flows from very imperfect segments. Perfection and perfectionism should be banned words! Unattainable, time wasters, alienating.”

Formulating impressions requires patience, optimism, and caring. Some effort and desire lead to interesting and fulfilling interactions.

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