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Post 62-death

Yesterday, I learned that the unthinkable happened. A young woman on a hiking/adventure holiday died. She and one of my sons were in high school together, and I know her and her mother. The funeral will take place when her body arrives back home.

I have written about death a few times in my books, and I turn to them and to Spiritual Presence to find understanding and comfort.

From the Gift of Intuitive, Dedicated Comfort:

“Each day brings an opportunity to move up or down, to build or waste, and to affect or be affected.”

The message: this young woman was a person who involved herself in life. Not only in her travels, but in her relationships and in her community.

From Pond a Connected Existence:

“The moments accumulate and produce the picture that is one’s life.”

The message: She spent her moments in uplifting and sustaining activities. The picture that is her life is one filled with vibrant colors and multiple dimensions. (See my earlier post “Finding one’s way” that explains life pictures.)

“An event occurs that requires action. The timing of the event influences possible actions. The action(s) taken are influenced by capabilities, preparation, presence of resources, and decisions. Overall attitude pervades the process. Many parts for an outcome.”

The message: Whatever happened, happened because of her capabilities, preparation, presence of resources, decisions, and attitude. And timing. “Many parts for an outcome.”

From the chapter “Concrete Living” in Oneself-Living:

“Natural death is painful for the survivors, but because it is “natural” is easier to accept. Deaths through accidents, disasters (natural or not), struggles such as wars and territorial conflicts, or other human-handed causes are harder to digest. These deaths cause more lingering effects…

Movement is always linear, from start to finish… The body is born, lives, and dies…

Concrete living: living with gusto and with verve, with awareness of an ending and with awareness of possibility, with thankfulness and with generosity. “

The message: Those left behind, the ones who remember and despair, must be comforted and supported. They must be allowed to mourn and feel overwhelming sadness. The comforters must be patient and open to the mourners’ grief. Slowly, as time passes, the mourners will be pulled back into the world of living, because that is the natural flow of life. Death is the natural ending to life. It can be the end and it can be the catalyst for living with gusto and verve, opportunity and hope, and purpose and determination.

Comments on: "When a young person dies" (5)

  1. sarvjit said:

    Death is not the time to look back in the time of the person but it is the time to wish the soul a happy journey ahead.

    • To overcome the pain, looking back and “feeling” the life of the person who died is a comforting and healing thing to do. At the same time, wishing for the person’s soul to be surrounded by light is also a healing thing to do. Wishes for the soul are easier to give when one believes in the ability of souls to connect.

      • sarvjit said:

        One aspect of death is that the soul takes birth again. And no one has ever wept on a birth. There’s nothing to be sad about death.

  2. Nancy said:

    Renee-Interesting that this is your post today. We lost a 24 year old young woman suddenly and tragically yesterday here in Los Angeles. She left behind an infant and husband. So sad and heartbreaking for everyone.

    • Hi Nancy. Sad to hear. It is very hard to comfort the ones left behind. Words are often so flimsy when trying to comfort a despairing mourner. I hope you and your community are able to help the husband through this difficult time.

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