A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

Once upon a time, there was a man who had a rubber band that he used in his everyday life. Sometimes he used it to keep things together, sometimes he used it to separate things, and sometimes he used it when he was bored. He had one rubber band, and he took care of it because it was valuable to him.

One day, he was distracted and the rubber band fell. He searched and searched, but could not find it. His determination to find it lessened, and he gave up. He realized that the value of the rubber band was not only its usefulness, but also his attachment to it. He realized that the rubber band would no longer be in his life and he changed his outlook about it. The rubber band was once his to use, and now he had to move on.

The man found a new rubber band that was the same color, but not the same elasticity. He used it less, and found other implements to help him with separating and joining things. He used several different implements and became attached to none of them.

The daily doings for this man did not change. He simply changed his methods. The rubber band, the second rubber band, and the other implements were simply ways to help him.

The message: When one thing fulfills many needs, its importance is exaggerated. All things are limited in their usefulness and in their ability to satisfy requisites. When things are expected to fulfill more than their normal capabilities, people are expecting too much. Things are simply the tools/entertainment/aids to a life that is assisted. More than things, people require interaction with people, animals, and plants. Things are not equal to living entities, and things should never be valued higher than people or animals or even plants.

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