A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

Post 60-finding ones way

Above you see the average life path. Below you see what the desired route should be:

Post 60-finding ones way2

Full of trials and successes and attempts and experiences.

And if the life is short, the route can be:

Post 60-finding ones way3

Short, but meaningful.

And what about a long life that is purposeful, balanced, and connected? This life’s picture would be:

Post 60-finding ones way4

“…Moment after moment after moment. The moments accumulate and produce the picture that is one’s life. Enriching moments are vibrantly colored; valueless moments are dull and unexceptional.

Fullness and not. Life can be full—or not. The picture that is one’s life has dimensions: smooth in places that are enriched, jagged in places that are unbecoming, two-dimensional in places where a choice was not made. The form of the picture can be SO large, one simply has to choose to be giving and engaged and willing to participate in a well-lived life. Life that is experienced through true living lights the way for others.”

…from the chapter “Moment” in Pond a Connected Existence.

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