A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

Post 65-Witnessing motivation

I attended a gathering of seekers, and was able to witness a motivator. His manner was straight-forward and his presentation was subtle. This man was sure and grounded, and he slowly fulfilled the expectations of the gathered motivation-needers.

These needy and hungry attendees waited for the magic to work. His approach was slow-going, but they waited patiently, patiently. They were familiar with his approach and knew that magic would come. They came prepared knowing his thinking, so he didn’t need to convince because the convincing had already been done.

The people taught me that having a leader makes life easier, even if he has little to say. Once a leader has convinced, he can focus on his interests and on his development. The people want what he wants too because it is easier to want a guided goal.

The leader taught me that building a foundation is the step to creating a following. The fulfillment of individual desires for amazement create the magic that may or may not exist.

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