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Blog 66-CompassionSome people say that people are not compassionate by nature. That is not true. People are compassionate; compassion is part of the design. Women and men, in varying degrees depending on their hormonal make-up, are compassionate.

Compassion can be displayed in the ways in which people interact with one another, with animals, with inanimate objects (such as knick knacks and clothing), and with gems. In general, compassion should be shown towards living and breathing creatures; the compassion towards the nonliving items is compassion misplaced.

When a person confuses the recipient of compassion—the nonliving item in place of the living creature—something has occurred in that person’s life that upset the natural order for compassion. People are meant to feel compassion for other people, and not feeling compassion is the incorrect response. No! Compassion is kindness presented internally which stimulates warm and caring feelings for the people, animals, and nature in one’s surroundings.

To truly feel compassion for another person, one simply has to live the design.

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  1. I just returned home from the funeral for the young woman who died. I wrote about her a few days ago in the post titled “When a young person dies”. At the ceremony, I looked around at the sea of people in attendance, and what I felt was compassion. I don’t mean my own compassionate feelings, I mean the compassion swelling up from the people in attendance–the people who spoke, the many representatives from the army (she was currently an officer in the Israeli army [her death was not army related]), people of all ages from the area in which we live, relatives, very close friends, and others. A swelling of compassion hovered over the ceremony, and it churned kindness inside most of the people in attendance.

  2. The way that some people over-care for their cars is another example of misplaced compassion. Perhaps compassion is not the right word to described over-attention on a car.Over-attention takes away from attention to more important things. Of course, a car needs to be in good working condition; that is important for safety and reliability. A car is an inanimate object that does not deserve extra time other than its upkeep and usage. A car is a means to an end, and the end should include traveling to visit relatives, friends, nature, and the ill or forgotten.

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