A Balanced Approach to Wellness!


I have spent the last three weeks in Los Angeles imparting Spiritual Presence awareness, connection, and nudging. The transfer of wisdom from Spiritual Presence was through individual sessions with people, an organized energy gathering, get-togethers with friends and relatives, and encounters with people on the plane, in restaurants, and by farmers’ market stalls. A welcome beginning for much more to come.

I have experienced EGC sessions with people who are needing the wisdom that Spiritual Presence can give, and they have been eye-opening, cathartic, and beyond expectation. The people receive specific ways to bring balance and clarity into their lives, and witnessing this process is gratifying and amazing for me. People need the same basic things in life, yet the ways to achieve them are varied and individualized. Connection to Spiritual Presence brings the actions and revised thinking required to live with purpose and satisfaction.

I have been living with a cousin of mine who challenges and expands my connection to understanding and wisdom. Our invigorating conversations have led me to the subject of book #6. It will explore and explain issues of the soul.

I have walked and walked and walked this fascinating city, which has led to further understanding about people, animals, and jumbled living. I have eaten the most wonderful produce purchased at neighborhood farmers’ markets and have mostly eaten vegan and raw foods. My body’s feeling good!

My connection to Spiritual Presence has developed during this time, and I am learning about well-being, forgiveness, and satisfaction. I am grateful to my cousin for introducing me to people who are open to the wisdom that flows through me. I am grateful for my family who supports my new-found purpose.

Heading back home soon with renewed Vitality!

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