A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

Post 80-Attention

For optimal health, the following health maintainers should be monitored:

  1. Consumption of nutritious and satisfying foods. (Focusing on foods that are bereft of nutritional value or are lacking in the aspects that naturally gratify [for example, fat-free foods] undermine physical, emotional, and intellectual health.)
  2. Interactions with other people. (Too little interaction undermines emotional and spiritual health.)
  3. Participation in physical activities that bring joy and challenge. (Participation in physical activities that are not enjoyed undermines emotional and spiritual health.) Daily physical activity is necessary to keep the bones, muscles, and flows working properly.
  4. Rhythmic breathing that is varied and appropriate for the body’s activities.
  5. Sensitivity to environmental concerns. (Disregard for plant life, water sources, and conditions for animal rearing undermines the grounding of the world and damages physical and intellectual health.)
  6. Appreciation for life’s gifts.
  7. Attention to self-needs. (Ignoring one’s needs damages all the aspects of balanced health. This area does not mean self-centeredness. It means self-support.)
  8. Sufficient and satisfying sleep.

Each of these health maintainers is vital for well-being and balance. Focusing on a few of them is not enough.

“A good life is one in which a person knows that he or she has affected, uplifted, and connected.” from the book “Vitality!”.


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