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In honor of my husband’s and my anniversary, I’m posting thoughts about couples from various Energy Guidance Complete books.

From The Gift of Intuitive, Dedicated Comfort:

Finding a partner who generally fills expectations is worthy of investment.

From Pond a Connected Existence:

Finding a way to be together without creating chaos. That is the goal in partnership. Finding a way to survive, to support, and to care. Living as designed—with and not without, together and not alone, next to and not far from.

From Oneself—Living:

Love is labyrinthian, multifaceted, and demanding—demanding in attention, demanding in compassion. Demanding in a good way, that is, love requires consideration of a person’s essence and foibles. … Multi-faceted refers to the various moods of love—desire, yearning, simmer, and satisfaction. Labyrinthian because love can be hard to negotiate, discover, and unravel.

From Vitality!:

You should speak compassionately…

From Awaiting Light:

Togetherness is vital for normal human development.

From Unfolding:

The union of two individuals
Union of differences
Distinct preferences
Attractions separate
Yet joined.


The union of two individuals
Direction for life chosen
Focus on similar aim
Movement coordinated
Yet individual.


The union of two individuals
The merging of separate souls
The rhythm of mankind retained.

Here’s to togetherness!

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  1. How sweet and so true. Happy Anniversary !

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