A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

Post 22-meetrings

When we take part in uplifting community efforts, we become uplifted, we fulfill natural desire to be part of, and we are helping our bodies be well.

“Gathering together forges ties and friendships, support and community. Whether the occasion is happy or sad or tension filled or relaxed, gathering together leads to emotional release, emotional awareness, or emotional expression, even if the emotions are repressed or explosive. The importance of gathering in small groups or in larger arrangements is often overlooked.” from Pond a Connected Existence.

Gathering together, whether in a large or small group, is a natural way for people to live. Celebrations or school meetings, religious services or community clean-ups, all bring people together and all uplift. Gathering together for purposes that are degrading or destructive not only cause imbalances in the participants, but also cause a group sense of despair—even if the participants think that they enjoyed themselves.

The key for a gathering to create positive repercussions is that the gathering be a setting for appreciation and giving.

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