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Perfection and certainty

No Certainty-Perfection

People want certainty in their lives, but certainty is unattainable because life is too fluid. People also want perfection, but that too is unattainable because life is too elastic. Certainty and perfection are elements of the universe, and even so, certainty is not always certain.


“We all want certainty. And sometimes we get it. When we prepare for things, we often get the desired outcome. When we measure and work in an exacting manner, our cakes taste right, they look beautiful, they make the eaters happy. When we wash our hands, they are clean. When we allow enough time, we (usually) arrive at our destination on time. When we set our alarm clock, we wake up on time—usually. When we build buildings with strong foundations, they keep us secure—except in times of war or destructive natural disasters.” …from “The Gift of Intuitive, Dedicated Comfort”


“Wanting perfection, and settling for nothing but, is mistaken behavior. Aiming for doing one’s best, working hard, giving it your all—these goals are worthwhile and worth pursuing. Great performance is admirable as long as the performer is pleased as well and not saying “Oh I should have done better.” Of course one can strive to improve, but disparaging a good job! well done! is fruitless waste of energy.” …from “Oneself—Living”

Perfection and certainty

Perfection and certainty reduce achievement. These words cause expectations and disappointment and injured relationships.

These words are troublemakers. Let them go!

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