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The harm we bring when Fresh finishes last

Fruit and veggies

  • A dinner at Restaurant A delivers a cooked meat portion, rice, and a fried vegetable portion. The parsley sprig is decorative.
  • A dinner at Restaurant B delivers a pizza with meat and canned mushrooms.
  • A breakfast at Restaurant C offers eggs with potatoes or eggs with meat. Bread on the side.
  • An on-the-run food chain provides the meat in a bun with a piece of tomato and lettuce. The tomato and lettuce were cut much earlier.
  • A bakery that serves meals creates dishes that tantalize the eyes and nose, but challenge the small intestine. Only the decorative fresh peach slice lessens the challenge.

Today’s dining specializes in challenges to the small intestine, pancreas, and brain (and other organs and systems in the body). The missing fresh fruits and vegetables harm the body’s ability to heal. Healing requires the qualities that fresh fruits and vegetables possess.

A vitamin and mineral tablet can’t replace the capabilities of the fresh fruit and vegetables. A meal-in-a-bar can’t replicate fruit and vegetable power. Fruit drink isn’t related to fruit in its peel. Ketchup is not tomato at its best.

When fresh finishes last, health becomes compromised. When fresh finishes last, emotions erupt. When fresh finishes last, future health is less secure.

The food pyramids that show fruit and vegetables at the bottom are correct. Fruit and vegetables are the fuel providers that our bodies need to function effectively. A balanced diet provides vegetables in salads, main dishes, and soups and fruit as snacks, desserts, and appetizers.

Sweeteners: The Facts


The Main Fact

Foods that are sweet blind us. Their charismatic taste overtakes our reasoning, and we crave their company. Our willpower weakens and we are held captive by our desire for repetition of the sweet sensations in our mouths.

The Source Fact

Processed sweeteners weaken our bodies. Sweets from nature nourish. Naturally sweetened foods—fruits and grains—satisfy the desire for sweetness without imprisoning us in the desire for more. They call our names, we eat them, and our bodies are captive, yet balanced.

The Added Sweetener Fact

Most of our diet is meant to be non-sweet. The sweet part should be about 8%, and of that 8%, all should be from natural sources—that is how our bodies are designed.

Added sweeteners upset the balance, and the 8% is overtaken by distancing from the natural appetite. Added sugar in a breakfast drink begins the day’s desire for more. Sweeteners added to breakfast foods continue the desire. The next sweet fix might come at lunch, but the call for more sweetness may encourage a mid-morning swallowing of sweetened food. And so the day goes. By nighttime, the 8% may have risen to 70%, depending on willpower and availability.

Above 8% skews reasoning and upsets balance.

Facts to come

The next post will present the ranking of best and worst sweeteners and the facts about the worst ones.

Note: The source of the information provided here is divine inspiration.

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