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Striving for “close to”

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When we strive to achieve a goal, we often set the aim too high >> to perfection. Mistaken selection.

Perfection and perfect delivery are beyond human ability. A tree is perfect; a horse is perfect; a human baby is perfect; even a person with severe disabilities is perfect in his or her compensation. Human accomplishments cannot be perfect. Therefore, we should strive for “close to”.

“Close to is close enough. Close to is better than 100%. Close to is the goal.
When we reach close to, we must be grateful and we must let go of unrealistic expectations. We must reach our goal (of close to) and then move on to our next goal. Creating a home life that is mostly satisfying is worthy of gratitude. Finding a partner who generally fills expectations is worthy of investment. Finding friends who usually are dependable are worth keeping. Living up to one’s expectations of oneself, more or less, is worthy of acceptance and satisfaction.”
–from “Certainty Relatively” in The Gift of Intuitive, Dedicated Comfort.

Gratitude and acceptance provide the means to a balanced and elevated life.


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