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Treatment for Hunger

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When you feel hungry—hungry for affection, hungry for purpose, hungry for notice—the treatment is involvement—involvement in the lives of family and friends, involvement in community, involvement in activities in nature, involvement in active pursuits.

When you feel “hungry” for foods that have taste appeal, but little nourishment, the treatment is also involvement—involvement in activities that nourish the desire for an interesting life. These activities also include being with family and friends, taking part in communal activities, bringing nature closer, and being physically active.

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When you feel hungry for purposeful living, the treatment is all the things mentioned above and also exploration of spiritual connection.

Hunger is a good thing when it leads to satiation that is appropriate for the hunger type. Nourishment through foods that are meant to be eaten, activities that are meant to uplift, and connections that are meant to bring security and well-being.


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