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What You need to know

One word at a time. I receive one word at a time. Spiritual Presence nudges me and I decipher information. One word at a time. I ask through kinesiology muscle testing and receive each word. Firm muscle for yes, weak muscle for no. I feel a direction—a thought pops into my head or I think about a specific person, place or situation or I sense an intention. The intention sensing is the active intervention from Spiritual Presence. I am a conduit for wisdom. It pours through my body to my fingers to the keyboard. Word after word, numbers, phrases, unknown words, unknown knowledge, knowledge known but discarded, information needing to be spread. Spiritual Presence uses me to focus people. Focus on not destroying the world. Focus on being purposeful. Focus on being non-invasive, non-resistant, and open when choices must be made. Spiritual Presence requires us to be thoughtful.

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