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High heel fascination



High heels were a part of my shoeware when I was in high school and university. I liked them and liked how they made me look, but I didn’t like how they made me feel. I wore them until I saw an exposé about the women’s shoe industry by Ralph Nader. From that moment, I chucked my high heels and learned to be satisfied with less fascinating shoes.

Recently my daughter swore off heels and she offered me a pair that I bought her a few years ago. They aren’t spike-heeled, but they do have a generous slope. I tried them on, and even took my dog for a walk wearing them to see how I could manage in them. I felt discomfort, and decided to ask Spiritual Presence about them. (Yes I know this is a trivial topic, but high heels are part of our reality so I can ask.)

Here is the information I received:

High heels are destructive to the body. They hurt the feet, they affect the L4 and L5 vertebras of the lower back, they affect the lungs and breathing, they interfere with the functioning of the large intestine, and they skew perception of the body. Slow changes occur when high heels are worn constantly.

People can handle different shoe heights, but here are general rules. If the back of the shoe is 6 cm (2.36”) higher than the front of the shoe, damage will be caused to the body. Even if the shoe is worn for an hour! If the back of the shoe is 5 cm (2”) higher than the front of the shoe, damage will be less but will still occur. Even a 4 cm (1.58”) difference can cause damage, but only if the height difference is continuous; in other words, shoes with this height difference are worn day after day. Under 4 cm can cause problems, but less often. If the heels on shoes with a less-than 4 cm (1.58”) difference are too spiky or are ergonomically ill-placed, then damage to the body can occur.

High heels need to be rethought. More appreciation for the natural shape of the feet and legs and less desire for unnatural presentation.

Serving distraction, athletic shoe style

Distracting colors

See those colors and patterns above? They are the colors and patterns on popular sport shoes for boys. Colorful! Bold! Eye catching!

Yes, eye-catching. A boy who is struggling to stay attentive in class will be easily distracted by his colorful, bold, and eye-catching footwear. For one moment, he’ll be listening to his teacher and then his eyes will lower, he’ll see his shoes, and then his mind is off—not necessarily off thinking about a game he’ll be playing, just off away from where his mind needs to be.

If you have a son (or grandson) who is easily distracted, consider this information before you buy the latest fad in footwear.  There are so many distractions anyway. No need to serve another form of distraction.

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