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Water, just water


Many people suffer from afflictions that could be healed or lessened by drinking water at regular intervals. Water is the basic external requirement that we need in order to live.

“Water is necessary to sustain life. That’s a fact that must be accepted. Coffee is not necessary to sustain life, nor are carbonated beverages. Water, unless it is tainted, maintains life; carbonated beverages make life sluggish. Water quenches thirst; coffee creates thirst. Water is the only drink that the body truly desires. A body that is confused desires other drinks. Water helps the body perform its wondrous functioning. The other drinks make the body work harder.”

– from Vitality!— How to Create a Life That Is Healthy (soon to be released).

The purpose of this blog post is to remind you to drink water. Look at this blog entry for details: https://energy-guidance-complete.com/2014/01/26/how-important-is-water/



How important is water?

Post 71-water

Water is the most important life-sustaining substance that we put in our bodies. That information is well known. What isn’t clear is whether the timing of drinking water is important. I recently received a forwarded email about this subject, and some of the claims seemed untrue to me so I asked my Source if there is general wisdom about when to drink water (drinking water during sports and physical exertion is not being presented). Here is the information I received:

  • A glass of water soon after waking is important for renewed activity in the body.
  • A glass of water before a meal helps the body digest the food.
  • A glass of water 15-20 minutes before sex helps with the proper functioning of the body.
  • A glass of water before doing homework can be helpful, especially when children have trouble settling down to study.
  • A glass of water during intense thinking (work, studies, creative endeavors, etc.) can help continue the progress.
  • A glass of water when a sudden onset of sadness or grief occurs can help lift the mood.
  • A glass of water when feeling a bit sleepy can help revive the body when sleep is not possible. (Keep in mind that it does not help if the person is very tired.)
  • A glass of water during spiritual activity can increase concentration.

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