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Practical advice

Post 72-practical adviceOne of my blog followers thanked me for the practical advice I provided in yesterday’s post (about when to drink water). Her comment led me to look through my blog and see how much practical advice I provide. Not as much as I had thought! I have mainly provided wisdom about many topics that we all deal with without presenting a how-to. Would y’all like more practical advice? Let me know.

Here is a list of practical advice that has been presented through my blog since I began writing it in September:

1. If you have experienced a minor trauma, do the following steps:

  • Notice the physical state of your body.
  • Breathe normally (breaths don’t have to be deep, but should not be quick).
  • Think about how things turned out more-or-less okay.
  • Do movements, like a little victory dance, which will release the bodily tension.

from “Overcoming small traumas”

2.  To connect to your environment:

  • Consider the available channels for community service in your area and select one that is doable for you. Then examine your time wasters and select one or two that can be replaced by the community service. Then make it happen!

from “Connections are the means–connection to one’s environment, post 3 of 7”

3.  To connect to creatures:

  • Caring for pets, supporting humane zoos, supporting centers for animal care, abstaining from using animals for decorative objects, and supporting animal habitats in the wild are important ways for humans to fulfill their obligations to other creatures.

from “Connections are the means–connection to other creatures, post 5 of 7”

4.  When feeling hesitant to take an action or make a decision notice three things:

  • Does the action or decision make you feel fearful, worried, or unqualified to act/decide?
  • Does the action or decision cause your intuition to signal a strong response–positive or negative?
  • Does the action or decision require you to be more active than you normally would? If so, are you hesitating out of laziness or inertia?
  • Once these questions are addressed, a decision should be easier to make and an action should be easier to take.

from “Hesitation”

5.  To maintain the “glow” during Christmas time:

  • Be sure to schedule time to experience the beauty and rhythm of this very special time.

from “Christmas doings”

6.  To deal with clutter:

  • …Declutter one significant area, then observe this area and be proud and kind to yourself. Declutter a second significant area, then observe this area and be proud and kind to yourself. Continue in this fashion until you have decluttered the areas that deserve to be uplifting.

from “Clutter”

7.  To handle too-controlling people:

  • You can release them from your life if they are not family members.
  • If they are family members who do not really need your company, you can limit your time with them.
  • You can breathe in this rhythm when he or she starts to tantrum: breathe in to a count of 5, breathe out to a count of 4—until the person requires a response. The breathing and counting should help you lessen the tantrum’s effect on your body and will help you tune out the unpleasant words…

from “I want my way”

8.  To add more touch to your life:

  • Touching a loved one is much needed balancing. If a loved one is unavailable, then touching an animal. If an animal is unavailable, then touching a part of nature—a flower, a blade of grass, a stone, etc.

from “Sense of touch”

9.  When feeling stuck:

  • Breathe to this count: breathe in to a count of 6, hold for a count of 4, breathe out to a count of 5. Breathe this way until relaxation starts to set in.
  • …look at [the sky] and appreciates its colors and its movement.
  • …think about little achievements and the larger ones, and then do the relaxation breathing again.

from “Feelings of non-movement”

10.  When feeling frustrated, the best antidote is making something:

  • Making a comforting food that is also nutritious
  • Making another person happy
  • Making a trip to a beautiful landscape
  • Making a phone call to a person who lifts your spirits

from “What does frustration feel like”

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  1. Debbie R. said:

    Thanks Renee, I am a big fan of practical advice – and will use it!

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