A Balanced Approach to Wellness!


Entertainment is a normal part of living. People love to be entertained and to entertain. Entertainment can come from many sources.

Entertainment can be catered by the environment: beautiful displays of scenic glory; seasonal changes that bring captivating sights and physical pleasures; water in many forms—crashing waves, churning flows, frozen formations, and enchanting and mystifying rain; vegetation that pleases the eye and delights the palate; possibility of personal discovery; and more.

Entertainment can come from other inhabitants of the world: soaring birds, energetic monkeys, interesting giraffes, poised flamingos, butterflies in flight, entrancing fish, frolicking rabbits. Domesticated animals bring joy and wonder to those who care for them conscientiously.

Entertainment that is most entertaining is the entertainment provided by people. Musical performances, artistic works, dances, stories presented on paper and through performances, riddles and jokes, mime and magic, gatherings, cultural differences, religious expressions, celebrations. Less entertaining are jokes at the expense of others, ridicule, and forced participation in unpleasant endeavors (such as pornography, cruelty to animals, and dares).

In The Gift of Intuitive, Dedicated Comfort, connection with other people is explained, including the importance of entertainment:

“Entertainment is an interesting aspect of connection to other people. People find other people fascinating. The achievements of others are fascinating; the choices of others are fascinating; the habits and rituals are fascinating; the thoughts and ideas are fascinating. In addition, the bad or difficult or sorrowful events that befall people are also interesting. In general, people never tire of observing the antics of others, which is fine, because we are designed to find others entertaining.”

No matter one’s circumstances, entertainment can be found in many facets of life. One has just to be open to the wonders of life!

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