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Expanding Roots

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People were meant to root like plants, to stay attached to the area in which they were born and attached to the people living around them. People are adjustable, though, and when events happen to uproot them they can adapt to new environments and different ways of functioning.

How do these facts relate to the modern world of less attachment to one place and movement from place to place?

Rootedness is an internal, deep characteristic that can’t be ignored. Rootedness is a mechanism for developing physically and emotionally. Rootedness contributes to feelings of security and the ability to identify expressions, such as expressions of concern and disdain. When a person feels rooted, the displays of personal responsibility are more frequent.

How to increase development of rootedness

  • If you live in an area that is very different from where you lived as a child, aim to create a network of support that provides emotional support and intellectual stimulation.
  • If you live in an area that is similar to where you grew up, aim to create a network of support that challenges you to be involved and influential.
  • If you live in an area that you dislike, create a “What I like about this place” tour and aim to find positive aspects of your location.
  • If you move from place to place, aim to develop relationships at local businesses, religious institutions, and organizations that are similar to ones you were active in in the past or do work that appeals to you. At each place, strive to build friendships, even if they are temporary.
  • If you live where you grew up, take part in the running of the city/town/community. Allow new residents into your network of support.

Personal responsibility through rootedness

When a person feels a sense of responsibility towards a place, natural desire to take part in its care usually occurs. People who are connected to their community tend to involve themselves in communal betterment and social networks. These connections contribute to well-being and health. When a person feels rooted, personal actions take on larger significance and personal contributions to the community are felt. Involvement in outside-of-one’s-own interests brings satisfaction that contributes to balance—balance of the person and balance in the community. Feelings of attachment to a place, whether through birth or through choice, brings gifts that are not often realized.

Wherever we live, we do good for ourselves when we send out roots.

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