A Balanced Approach to Wellness!


ATTITUDE influences when opportunity presents possibilities or barriers.

Possibilities or barriers? These words reflect the attitude.  Possibilities are attitude contributing. Barriers are attitude constricting. Society does not always present possibilities to its residents; however, when actual barriers are not in the way, attitude can prevail.

ATTITUDE is subjective. One person lies in bed all day because of a sprained toe. Another person is out and about even when unable to move both legs because of paralysis. Others pity themselves because of difficult relationships. Someone else forges ahead with friendships after having outlived most friends and family. People strive or don’t strive when presented with the same situations. Subjective ATTITUDE.

ATTITUDE is the attribute that interprets and influences responses, behavior, and subsequent decisions and actions. It interprets the daily happenings and it creates the subsequent reality.

ATTITUDE truly is a choice.

To see the world with eyes of gratitude is to see the small and large contributions of nature’s creatures (including people). To experience the world with appreciative intention is to experience majesty. To move through the day with vibrant life force is to feel the full offering that living presents. The world according to ATTITUDE!

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