A Balanced Approach to Wellness!


SUFFERING appears when expectations are unrealistic.

Expectations of life lived with ease and conveniences are expectations of life for china dolls in a display case. Ease and convenience are available, but they are subjective components of life. Ease is not real life. Ease is obtained after much investment in tasks and trials. Convenience has become Want number 1, with a focus on as little investment in energy as possible. Ease and convenience are possible, but when they are expectations of daily life, the appearance of SUFFERING is increased.

SUFFERING is subjective. One person suffers when  social  engagements are erratic. Another person suffers when a sneeze interrupts the train of thought. Another suffers when a meal is too boring. Someone else suffers because sleep is disturbed by the urge to urinate. Another suffers through inability to move parts of the body. Someone else suffers from other peoples’ successes.  Others suffer from too much air conditioning. Subjective SUFFERING.

SUFFERING is no choice but to give up. That is true suffering. Pain in the body hurts, but it usually does not lead to no choice. Pain in the body means “Hey person, notice me! Take care of me! Change something!”

Pain in the body is meant to be a conversation between physical and thought:  “My _____ (fill in the blank) hurts. I feel it and I need to invest in thought, attempts, and changes to help the pain recede. If I keep doing what I’m doing, the pain might become a permanent part of my existence. If that happens, I must adjust my expectations of life and create living that includes the pain.  Adjustment of habits and lifestyle or adjustment of life expectations? I decide and I choose.”

SUFFERING can be removed from the realm of daily life by choosing to see life as an interesting challenge, whatever happens. Choosing to leave SUFFERING for the very final moment of life and living all the life that comes before that moment with gratitude, appreciation, and vibrancy.

To see the world with eyes of gratitude is to see the small and large contributions of nature’s creatures (including people). To experience the world with appreciative intention is to experience majesty. To move through the day with vibrant life force is to feel the full offering that living presents. The world according to ATTITUDE!

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