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A second look at first impressions

Post 20The previous post presented information from Book #3 about not making snap judgements about others. Here are more first-impression directions:

“First impressions of places can also influence in a negative way. Expecting one thing and seeing another can create a negative—or positive—first impression that might actually be incorrect. Same too for events and activities. Time is needed to make a judgment. Influences such as age can skew judgment. Attitude affects the way in which an impression is made. Bad attitude usually produces a bad impression; good attitude usually produces a more balanced impression. Being overly optimistic is not necessarily productive when making judgment calls. Balance, as with most things in life, is key. Balanced judgment, time passing, facts and reasons understood, emotions kept in constraint. These efforts + time enable sound impression building of events and of people, of places and of intangible realms.

People constantly formulate impressions of others while the others constantly formulate back. Constant impression making/impression slumping…Rather, accept as is, as are, as could be. As is: accept each person as he or she is, with different thought processing and different ideas.  As are: accept each group of people as they are, with different needs and different goals. As could be: accept oneself and others as reliable, compelling people who can better the world with each action, with each interaction, with each reaction.”

More to come!

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