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Try limits—when eating or drinking nutritionally bereft foods

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Food is meant to be a pleasure and not a battle. We are meant to eat so that we can live. We are meant to eat nutritious foods so that we can live healthily.

We are meant to desire nourishing foods, and we can, if we reject processed and non-nutritious foods that suppress the desire for proper foods.

Moving beyond survival, the eating experience can be sad and disappointing or can be full of joy and laughter. Much depends on our attitude and on our desire to be well.

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There are nutritionally bereft foods that people should not eat or drink. They include carbonated beverages, sugar, white flour, and hydrogenated oils. These foods should be limited to never, but unfortunately, they permeate the processed food industry. They should be limited as much as possible, and people who are addicted to them should try to cut back and realize that they are hurting their bodies.

Eating for the sake of keeping the body alive is not a part of life for most people living in modern society. Eating for the sake of the enjoyment of the food is modern society’s take on food. The enjoyment, not the life-giving aspect, is the focus. Food is for nourishment and for enjoyment and we should attempt to remember that, and not worship nor despise the thing that gives us life.

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Inventive body stuffers—processed foods

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Processed foods challenge body processes (not all processed foods are challenging to the body, but the ones that are good for the body are in the minority). The foods being discussed here are the ones that contain the ingredients that are known to be harmful, but people eat them anyway.

These foods should be limited to never. Really!

Food is not the only damaging thing to people; emotional damage can be more harmful than eating toaster pastries. Nonetheless, the better the food we put into our bodies, the more chance of physical and emotional balance.

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