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Post 91-spiritual connection

Spiritual connection is the given; not believing is the fashion. To not believe is in; to believe is kept quiet.

To acknowledge belief in a spiritual presence is hard for many people, even if they believe. Those who don’t believe, don’t believe loudly and look down on those who do. Even those who are vocal about their connection are often uncomfortable when the don’t believers question them.

For those who want to believe, but are unable to connect, here is what the connection can do for you:

  1. Connection to spiritual presence can engender feelings of well-being, “even when the life we have created or received seems incorrect.”
  2. Connection to spiritual presence can support when life is daunting. “A person who has a sense of spiritual presence will weather the ebbs and flows of life more confidently, more peacefully, and less daunted than others who question spiritual presence.
  3. Connection to spiritual presence provides a sense of fitting into something beyond ourselves. “Yes, there is meaning in our lives and in our existence, but humans cannot fathom it. That doesn’t mean that you should stop the search; rather, be satisfied with the answers you find.

“Spiritual support is available to people who want it. The way to bring spiritual support into your life is to imagine having a companion accompanying and sharing life’s path. This sense of sharing and of not being alone can sustain you through difficult life events.”

All quotes are from The Gift of Intuitive, Dedicated Comfort.

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