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Seeing Weeds Anew


The winter rains are watering the weeds, and they are growing and growing. Each year at this time, I sigh and think about all the weeding I will be doing in February and March and even April. The weeds have always discouraged people, including me.

In my latest soon-to-be-published book of poetry, Growth, I received a poem about the weeds. Since reading this poem, I have started to approach weeds differently. This year, I’m still going to weed the wild grass and the prickly growth, but I’m going to leave the ones that are actually pretty. I now see weeds with new eyes.

Here is the poem that will appear in Growth:

Weed Life


Perfection Infection


Unfolding—A Collection of Wisdom Poetry presents spiritually inspired poetry. One of the poems, “Perfection Infection”, laments the hurtfulness in trying to be perfect.

When I finished the book, I reviewed it carefully and so did my editor. As far as I know, there is only one typo in the book and it’s in this poem. I think that is fitting.

Read the poem for its message and then see if you find the mistake.

Perfection Infection

Unfolding book cover

Unfolding—A Collection of Wisdom Poetry can be purchased through amazon.com stores: http://amzn.com/1508828229

A Poem for the New Year



Picturing ourselves as individual cycles in the billions of cycles that are people is one way for us all to feel part of the same flow of life.

Here is a poem from Connection that shares this idea:

Poem-Beginning Middle End

Connection—A Collection of Wisdom Poetry can be purchased through amazon stores: http://amzn.com/1511788259

Cover-Connection Poetry

A poem for the winter

Winter from the window

Winter is a time for restoration and reflection. Here is a poem about the winter from the book of poetry, Connection:

Poem-Winter Revival

Connection is available through the amazon stores: Cover-Connection Poetry http://amzn.com/1511788259

Friendships through the years


I recently returned from a reunion for my husband’s youth group class. Many years have passed since these people were together, but the years fell away and the friendships were rekindled. The reunion reminds me of the following poem from the book Unfolding—A Collection of Wisdom Poetry:

Where Friendship Blooms

We walked in the park
My friends and I
We talked of past joys
And we talked of old fears.

We walked in the park
Slower than before
Youthful expectation fulfilled
Again, close connections rekindled.

Laughter and sadness and
Triumphs and defeats.
Together at times, but
Separate most often.

Youth offers opportunities
To acquire friends and more friends.
Time and experiences
Test the strength of the ties.

Ties that bind and support
Through the years fray or thicken.
The ties that continue
Give comfort, health, and joy.

We walked in the park
My friends and I.

Global Caring


A poem for our times:

Generous opening to peoples afar,
Requests for notice and hopes for aid,
Caring for others outside one’s reach,
The global family cries.

Crises afar are often for leaders.
The citizen feels unable to respond.
Cries for help and cries for surrender,
The global family waits.

Regular people hurting and cowering,
Pestilence, weather, famine, or sword,
Global residents watch with worry,
The global family mum.

Can we care for peoples afar?
Can we answer their requests for relief?
Can we help and can we offer?
The global family asks.

Close-to-me worries and close-to-me upheavals,
These are the subjects that most people treat.
The worries and troubles of peoples afar
Are too far away and too heavy to carry.

The cries and the anguish of others so far
Need far-away notice and far-away care.
Those who are able to give their support
Have strength to move beyond close-to-me thought.

Can we care for peoples afar?
Can we answer their requests for relief?
We can and we ought when our abilities allow.
The global family tries.

“Global Caring” is from the book of poetry, Connection:  Cover-Connection Poetry

Me, Myself, & I: Three poems, third view

Poem- I

Here is the third of three poems from the book Connection—A Collection of Wisdom Poetry in the section “Connection to Myself”:

!! I !!

Me, myself, and I.

The same and yet different.


Thinking of others
Helping out
Caring for the environment
Noticing the lives of animals
Sharing feelings

Living life with creativity and acceptance
Loving life for its surprises
Marveling at life’s challenges
Cherishing life’s gifts and special moments
Accepting life cycles
Seeing life with self-loving eyes

I belong!
I love!
I can!
I grow!
I create!
I thank!
I care!
I see!

The “I” considers all.

Me, myself, and I.

The same and yet different.


Also see “Me, Myself, & I: Three poems, first view” and “Me, Myself, & I: Three poems, second view”.

Connection can be purchased through amazon.com:

Cover-Connection Poetry

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