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Apartment/Flat living


(Before I start writing this post, I want to answer a question that many people ask me about the authorship of the posts. All of the information in this website, each and every word, is received from Spiritual Presence. I ask the questions that lead to the information, but the information is not from me nor from my intuition. People who know me will agree that the wisdom presented in this post is definitely not from me. I was raised to appreciate houses and not apartments. I am learning from this post just like other readers.)

In the past societies, people lived in separate homes. Depending upon population sizes, the homes were close enough for people to connect with one another when help was needed or to build communal relationships. Living was based in the homes, but environmental conditions and societal norms brought people together often. Neighbors knew one another and knew enough about each other’s lives to offer assistance. Modern living creates very different societal arrangements.

Because of air conditioning and heating, technological advances in storing and maintaining food and information (computers, TV, sound systems, etc.), and individualized and isolating transportation (private cars and vehicles), people are insulated from each other. Opportunities to connect with neighbors and nearby dwellers are few. The connections that once were easy to make are less likely to occur. Each family or individual or group of individuals is separated in a single dwelling. Connection requires special circumstances and effort. Many people never meet their neighbors and have no sense of a community. This situation is unbalancing.

Apartments/flats in a building that houses people with doorways facing each other present the opportunity to connect. Communal gardens, stairwells, halls, and other features create opportunities for meeting. Communal ownership of building resources forces communal communication. When the dwellers are the owners or are long-term renters, they tend to care more about their neighbors.

Apartment/flat dwelling is generally easier on the environment. Living alongside other people is less taxing on resources and upkeep. Combined efforts reduce time spent on decorative aspects of home ownership.

When children are raised in apartment/flat settings, there is “it takes a village to raise a child” mentality among the neighbors. If the adults are aware of their responsibility to oversee other children and the parents are aware of the great impact that interaction with other adults can have on their children, then the child-rearing can be easier on the parents, can add to the children’s sense of security, and can enrich the lives of the people not raising children themselves.

Communal interactions do not necessarily occur if the people living in apartments/flats are determined to separate themselves. The accoutrements of modern living enable people to live separately without building connections and without opening to the benefits of connected living. Awareness of the importance of involvement in the lives of neighbors can overcome the attraction of anonymous living.

Environmental conditions and societal norms no longer bring people together. Living in closer physical proximity does not bring people together; however, apartment/flat living can contribute to the sense of connected existence. For people who do not live apartmentally, extra effort must be made to connect to neighbors and community members.

People are meant to help one another and to receive from one another information, companionship, and entertainment. Interactions in person are the best forms of people-connecting. Modern living can deter in-person interactions, and determined efforts are needed to counter this effect. Living in grouped arrangements, like apartments/flats that face one another is one solution.

The power of rabbit entertainment


Entertainment is a normal part of living. People love to be entertained and to entertain. Entertainment can come from many sources.

Entertainment can be catered by the environment: beautiful displays of scenic glory; seasonal changes that bring captivating sights and physical pleasures; water in many forms—crashing waves, churning flows, frozen formations, and enchanting and mystifying rain; vegetation that pleases the eye and delights the palate; possibility of personal discovery; and more.

Entertainment can come from other inhabitants of the world: soaring birds, energetic monkeys, interesting giraffes, poised flamingos, butterflies in flight, entrancing fish, frolicking rabbits. Domesticated animals bring joy and wonder to those who care for them conscientiously.

Entertainment that is most entertaining is the entertainment provided by people. Musical performances, artistic works, dances, stories presented on paper and through performances, riddles and jokes, mime and magic, gatherings, cultural differences, religious expressions, celebrations. Less entertaining are jokes at the expense of others, ridicule, and forced participation in unpleasant endeavors (such as pornography, cruelty to animals, and dares).

In The Gift of Intuitive, Dedicated Comfort, connection with other people is explained, including the importance of entertainment:

“Entertainment is an interesting aspect of connection to other people. People find other people fascinating. The achievements of others are fascinating; the choices of others are fascinating; the habits and rituals are fascinating; the thoughts and ideas are fascinating. In addition, the bad or difficult or sorrowful events that befall people are also interesting. In general, people never tire of observing the antics of others, which is fine, because we are designed to find others entertaining.”

No matter one’s circumstances, entertainment can be found in many facets of life. One has just to be open to the wonders of life!

Insights into health and life


In the book Pond a Connected Existence, there is wisdom that calls out for action:

  • From the chapter “Behavior & Release”:

“The state of extended over-tiredness can lead to general overall unwellness, affected decision-making, and overestimation of abilities. Sleep is essential.”

  • From the chapter “Pliable and Different”:

“Many people think they can’t change; that is false thinking. By design, people are made to adapt, adopt, and be adept.”

  • From the chapter “Luck! What Luck?:

“The importance of preparation cannot be overemphasized. Without it, opportunities are squandered, missed, lost.”

How are these morsels of wisdom connected?

  • With adequate sleep, a person can think more clearly and take the actions necessary to be prepared.
  • Adaptability contributes to preparation for the future. Adaptability is available to those who are willing to examine their decision-making and change when a decision no longer brings clarity.
  • One can never be prepared for all events, no matter how prepared, because life is so unknown. Sleep prepares for handling life’s uncertainty and refocuses perspective about one’s ability to change and receive the future.

Energy Guidance Complete is gifted awareness from beyond.

Open your eyes and see the connection!

Open your heart and feel the call!

Open your arms and receive the guidance!

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Moving to the beat of the fight



The news is full of stories about threats, bloodshed, and revenge. There are people who are unable to get along with other people, and they drag innocents into their madness. Wars, gang fights, tribal skirmishes, and individual anger explosions—all lead to upheaval and cruelty. Other causes of upheaval and cruelty are incorrect beliefs of superiority and deservedness.

Today, I was thinking about how our lives are so manipulated by the violence and intimidation around us. My thoughts reminded me of a song that ABBA released in 1981 on their album The Visitors named “The Soldiers”. Here is a part from the chorus:

Soldiers write the songs that soldiers sing
The songs that you and I won’t sing
Let’s not look the other way
Taking a chance
‘Cause if the bugler starts to play
We too must dance

And here is the song:


The message from Spiritual Presence: the drive to control is controllable. People are imbued with a desire to possess and to condescend – and – with a sense of justice. These innate, conflicting urges are influenced by family and society. The less control of the desires for more, the less moderation in life and in the world. People can overcome their desires for more by focusing on equality.

Connections are the means–connection to Oneself, post 7 of 7

(The information in this post is from The Gift of Intuitive, Dedicated Comfort.)

“Connection to oneself enables connection to spiritual presence (see the previous post). The more one is aware of spiritual support and the availability of spiritual guidance, the more one can be open to one’s body and the body’s needs…

Post 17-loiving self

…A broken connection with spiritual presence displays differently from the other components [of health] (the physical, emotional, and intellectual). This imbalance is signaled by opposing actions: some people immerse themselves in unending search for spiritual meaning and some people pooh-pooh the spiritual search altogether. Spiritual presence is actually much easier to ascertain than many people believe. By observing nature, the actions of babies, the movement of the seasons, the shenanigans of animals, the idiosyncrasies of the opposite sex, and the idiosyncrasies of one’s own sex, a person can be filled with amazement at the complexity and richness of the world. This amazement should inspire reaching for connectedness to the energy from the true source of healing.

Nurturing ourselves is vital to our being. Finding ways to bring joy, love, movement, challenge, acceptance, patience, warmth, and balance should be pursued. These goals are our true goals; these goals align the four components of our being.”

Connections are the means–connection to Spiritual Presence, post 6 of 7

Connection to spiritual presence buoys and inspires; engenders feelings of support, protection, and well-being; guides, instructs, and gives meaning to existence.  The spiritual connection enables people to transcend their difficulties, be they physical, emotional, or intellectual.

Post 16-Spiritual Presence

Spiritual support is available to people who want it. The way to bring spiritual support into your life is to imagine having a companion accompanying and sharing life’s path. This sense of sharing and of not being alone can sustain you through difficult life events.

Connections are the means–connection to other creatures, post 5 of 7

(Some of the  information in this post is from The Gift of Intuitive, Dedicated Comfort.)

Post 15-walking dog

“Connection to other creatures elevates, deflates unrealistic opinions of ourselves as humans, and instructs. This connection enables people to appreciate the wonders of life.”

Caring for pets, supporting humane zoos, supporting centers for animal care, abstaining from using animals for decorative objects, and supporting animal habitats in the wild are important ways for humans to fulfill their obligations to other creatures.

“The more one observes other creatures, the more one can attain spiritual guidance and spiritual support.”

Connections are the means-connection to environmental conditions, post 4 of 7

(The information in this post is from The Gift of Intuitive, Dedicated Comfort.)

Connection to environmental conditions grounds, deflates unrealistic opinions of ourselves as humans, and connects us to the majesty of the universe. This connection enables people to appreciate the beauty of nature and to accept the reality of natural “disasters”.

Post 14-environment

The natural world holds many wonders, many more than people can ever create. The more one marvels at the natural world, the more spiritual and balanced one becomes.

The natural world has its rhythms and cycles, cycles of seasons and cycles of beginnings and endings. The rhythms can be felt through observing changes in time, changes in natural elements, and weather variations.

People must live within the boundaries of Earthly living, which includes planting and caring for trees and other plants; watching weather patterns and building accordingly; learning about seasons and seasonal variations of weather; experiencing weather changes—walking in the rain, feeling the wind, feeling the strength of the sun on one’s face, sweating, shivering.

Connections are the means–connection to one’s environment, post 3 of 7

(The information in this post is from The Gift of Intuitive, Dedicated Comfort.)

Connection to one’s environment extends and broadens. This connection refers to people’s involvement in their community, appreciation for needs satisfied, sense of satisfaction through work, acceptance of unfulfilled desires, evaluation of land use in a protective manner, and willingness to take on difficult tasks that better the environment…

Community Service

Community involvement is an extension of connection to the environment. As described in the previous section, people are meant to build together, to help one another, to create lives together. People who hold themselves aloof or separate from their community do so to the detriment of their own personal needs and balance. No one person has all the knowledge needed to live successfully (that is, to survive). People are designed to live in communal groups. Larger communal groups have developed, which some people may feel are alienating, but the existence of these large communal groups do not invalidate the need for community involvement. On the contrary, the larger the communal group the more critical the need to find community connection.

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  • Consider the available channels for community service in your area and select one that is doable for you. Then examine your time wasters and select one or two that can be replaced by the community service. Then make it happen!

Connections are the means–Connection to people, post 2 of 7

(The information in this post is from The Gift of Intuitive, Dedicated Comfort.)

Connection to other people supports and entertains. This connection enables people to consider the needs of others, to nurture and allow to be nurtured, and to understand oneself.

Nurturing oneself and others is vital to balanced and purposeful living. People were never meant to live alone. The idea that life is elevated by depending on no other person is incorrect. People are meant to depend on one another. They are designed to work in groups: to build together, to create communities, to help one another in times of difficulty, to find common purpose, and to help those entering and exiting life.

Post 12 Screen beans mom and kids


  • Assist others in overcoming their personal difficulties
  • Create warm and lasting relationships with family members
  • Create warm and lasting relationships with chosen friends
  • Guide the future generations in the correct ways of living

Connections are the means, post 1 of 7

(The information in this post is from The Gift of Intuitive, Dedicated Comfort.)

The next few blog posts will focus on the importance of connections. Connections are the means to balanced and purposeful living.

  • Connection to other people
  • Connection to one’s environment
  • Connection to environmental conditions
  • Connection to other creatures
  • Connection to oneself
  • Connection to spiritual presence

These connections bring elevated, balanced, and purposeful living into a person’s reality. These connections are key for all people; no one is exempt.

Although the connections are very different, they intertwine and inform one another. The differences between the connections cause people to assume that focusing on one or two of them is enough to create a balanced life. This assumption is incorrect. Each connection is important; no connection is more important than any other.

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