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A wisdom poem sharing spiritual connection: “Faith”


I have previously published two books of wisdom poetry: “Unfolding” and “Connection“. As described in both of these books, a wisdom poem “… is a poem that is dictated directly from Spiritual Presence. Each poem shares/provides/shouts a message. Each message can lead to connection and balance.”

A new book has come through me, Faith— A Wisdom Poem Sharing Spiritual Connection,  and this book consists of a single poem that directs the reader towards spiritual connection. Spiritual connection is enlightening and focusing. It might last only a few moments, but the connection can be carried back into day-to-day living.

This book is dedicated to my stepmother, Elaine Kaye-Kellner, who is proof that a stepmother can be a gift. I am thankful for her every day.

Here is an excerpt from the poem:


Religious Zeal

religious zeal

Direction unclear
Which way to go
Directions needed

Missing guidance
Future being unwanted
Solution sought

When a person is faltering in the way to go in life, religious zeal can grab hold. When guidance from respected family or peers is lacking, religious zeal can offer appeal. When future possibilities cause resistance or disappointment, religious zeal can uplift.

Religious zeal takes place when imbalance resides in a person. The imbalance can be emotional or spiritual, in one’s family or in one’s society.

Religious zeal is not living a religious life—when a person is balanced, religious living can add to the intensity of the living. Religious zeal is imbalanced, incorrect living. Religious zeal is overly focused living with emphasis on a portion—only a portion—of life.

Religious zeal can apply to aspects of life other than religious beliefs. Zealousness about money or possessions or relationship avoidance stem from imbalance. Zealousness about righteous causes and politics are extensions of imbalance.

Religions are guided paths towards spiritual connection and community building. Religious zealousness is misguided and community destructive. Religious zealousness may appear as intense spiritual connection, but in actuality, it is distancing from spiritual connection. Overdoing never solves anything.

Soul Workshop

Soul note

Tomorrow I will be presenting the “Getting to Know Your Soul” workshop for the third time. I’m reviewing Awaiting Light–Understanding the Development of the Soul in preparation. Each time I read this book, I am amazed by the information.

Here are excerpts from the book that wow me  each time I read them:

“The soul leads the body towards survival, but the body is responsible for survival activities. The soul informs the body, but the body can ignore the subtle signals. The soul wants acceptance, compassion, and understanding, but the body can choose fault finding, laziness, and defeat. The soul hints at spiritual connection, but the body listens or not.

Body and soul, soul and body—intertwined and independent. One can want one thing and the other can want something else, but whatever choices are made affects the other.

Bound and dependent, distinct and independent—duality in influencing the actions of each individual. The body and soul are joined at birth when the first inhalation occurs…” – from the chapter “The Color of the Soul”

“The color of the soul, with its influence and potential influence, creates the basis for each person and awaits further connection throughout the person’s life. People are their souls embodied in a physical container.

The soul is tattooed on the countenance of each person, and awareness of this soul display is needed in order to understand what we are seeing when we look into the face of another.” – from the chapter “The Color of the Soul”

“Each person has a pace at which he or she lives. …Knowing and understanding one’s pace is helpful when determining the type of work one will do, the location in which one will live, and which acquaintances enrich one’s life. Pace is somewhat adjustable; however, living in harmony with natural pace is the key to creating a resonant and appropriate existence.” – from the subchapter “The Soul-Color Attribute–Shade”

“Each person has a defined sense of morality that is soul-endowed. ..The society in which one lives pushes against the natural moral-balance boundaries setting, especially when the society imposes a moral scale different from the person’s own.  The same for different settings in a family. The person with the most influence in a family usually sets the moral boundaries, and the other family members adjust or rebel…The moral-balance boundaries setting has effects on the body: on digestion, on breathing, on circulation, and on thinking…” – from the subchapter “The Soul-Color Attribute–Shade”

Coloration is the soul-color attribute that provides the possibility of group connection. It provides group characteristics that transcend physical characteristics. Soulful characteristics. Coloration includes group interests, like-minded vision, harmonious relationships, and natural comfort. Coloration also includes recognition: recognition of group membership…Similar coloration can be felt when meeting people for the first time. Natural attraction to people can be a sign of coloration matching. This sense of attraction is felt when meeting people who were once lovers, friends, or kin (in other incarnations). …Togetherness is vital for normal human development. Coloration assists the joining of people in units (families, friendships, etc.) so that togetherness can be achieved. Familiarity is not a fluke; familiarity is built into people connections.” – from the subchapter “The Soul-Color Attribute–Coloration”

“It is the soul-facade, not the soul, that presents one’s feelings to the world. It is the soul-facade, not the soul, that struggles with questions of spirituality and purpose. It is the soul-facade, not the soul, that encourages when self-mistrust sets in. It is the soul-facade, not the soul, that turns away from soulful influence. It is the soul-facade, not the soul, that is damaged by negative behaviors and rejection of healthful existence. But it is the soul that is damaged when negative behaviors and rejection of healthful existence lead to complete negation of soulful living.

The soul is the private sphere of a person; the soul-facade is the public interface. … The soul-facade is the window of the soul. “- from the chapter “Interface of the Soul with the Body”

Shout out the wonder!


“Spiritual Presence opens my mouth
to share the wisdom
to speak when I feel unable
and to shout out the wonder.”

-from the poem “Unfolding Information” in Unfolding

Shouting out the wonder is not easy when you have been raised to stay quiet, be polite, and keep your opinions to yourself. Learning to speak out when speaking out is required is not an easy thing to do. There are many stories about reluctant leaders who feel ill-equipped to take on the roles they have been tasked to do. Some step up and become great; some refuse and suffer for their silence.

Three years ago, I received the gift of communication with Spiritual Presence. The gift evolved from personal assistance for just me to assistance for everyone through me. I have learned to share the wisdom through writing this blog and the Energy Guidance Complete books. I have looked my disbelieving, skeptical friends and family in the face and said that I have complete faith in the existence of Spiritual Presence. I now run a “Getting to Know Your Soul” workshop and teach the wisdom about the soul. I have moved from mumbling about the work I do to forthrightly stating that I am a spiritual healer and channeler.

The hard part for me is the shouting, the shouting out the wonder, the wonder of being able to know so much truth and wisdom and to share it so that people will listen, really listen. The shouting is hard. My connection with Spiritual Presence is natural and understated so that the wisdom comes through me naturally and quietly. But people need the roar and the thunder! People need to realize the amazingness of this connection! So I’m working on the shout.

Faith poem-enter

-from the soon-to-be-published book Faith— A Wisdom Poem Sharing Spiritual Connection


Spiritual illness and its positive aspects


spiritual illness

Spiritual illness seems like a serious state of being, but in actuality, it is a positive predicament. Spiritual illness signals the need to clarify for oneself beliefs and convictions. When spiritual illness is approached as a wake-up call, it can be the first step towards more focused living.

Spiritual illness can lead to study about religious beliefs, study about spiritual lifestyles, study about earlier civilizations, and study about meditative practices. All studies that lead to increased spiritual connection are positive—as long as the study does not lead to a sense of right or to a belief that one’s chosen way is better than others.

Understanding the cause of the spiritual illness is helpful, and the cause can help determine the “cure”. Allowing the spirit to be ill is not harmful as long as the illness does not lead to depression. Spiritual illness is a call for change that can be realistic and immediate. The move from unwell to very well can be relatively quick.

The main step towards cure is understanding the cause of the illness. After that, the road to recovery is simply a belief away!

How contagious is spiritual illness?

Bad backSpiritual illness is like a bad back. Once it has been misaligned, the possibility for it to happen again exists. The person who ensures that his or her once-bad back stays supple has the likelihood of not suffering in the debilitating manner in the future.

Illness of the spirit aches like the aching back—with spasms of deep pain and hints of deep pain about to happen. The spirit aches for alignment, yet improper care weakens and undermines the foundation of spiritual sustenance. Then when spiritual belief is challenged, the spirit gives way and illness sets in with spasms of deep pain and hints of deep pain about to happen. Spiritual care heals the aching spirit, and future work strengthens it.

Spiritual illness is contagious like the bad back. Watching someone suffer causes fear, which can weaken the foundation of balance. Or it can cause warning, which encourages some to strengthen the foundation of balance. For relatives of the sufferer, the spiritual illness can teach bad habits or inspire searching for support.

Spiritual illness is surmountable with desire to heal, desire to open, and desire to connect.

How spiritual illness is seasoned

Post 104-veggies.jpg

Think of spiritual illness as a sauce. A bit too much of one spice and the sauce becomes unpalatable. Too much of all the spices and the sauce becomes overtaken.

When spiritual illness is brewing, the balance of decisions and actions is important. Too many wasteful and waste-producing activities tip the balance towards illness. Activities that revive the sense of connection tip the balance towards fine.

Spiritual health, like the spices of a dish, is one component of health. The other components: physical health, emotional health, and intellectual health are the more obvious aspects of health, but without the spicing the meal stays unimaginative. The spicing causes the meal to ignite the appetite, interest the taste buds, and involve the memory. So too with spiritual health.

A sense of spiritual connection ignites the imagination. A sense of spiritual guidance interests the thoughts. A sense of spiritual longing passes from generation to generation. The seasoning of the life is rich and satisfying.

Spiritual illness can occur “when spiritual questioning causes imbalance that the body cannot fathom.”  (see https://energy-guidance-complete.com/2015/06/24/spiritual-illness-strikes/) Spiritual pondering is a normal part of spiritual health, but when pondering becomes denying or when viewpoint is viewed as supreme, spiritual illness takes hold. The spicing becomes cloying or too intense, and the struggle to continue is magnified.

Seasoning is done through trial and error and through following those who tried before. Seasoning can be the best aspects of a dish or the worst. Spiritual health can raise up the life and spiritual illness can sink the life. Finding balance is necessary for fulfilling and joyous living.

When society suffers from spiritual illness

imbalanceSpiritual illness can be felt at many levels. When society suffers from spiritual illness, the effects leave imprints on all the members. The individual members of society have varying amounts of damage depending on their own spiritual balance.

A society that suffers from spiritual illness exhibits any or all of the following symptoms:

  • Society members mistreat other members because of inflated sense of right.
  • Society members mistreat other members because of inflated sense of deservedness.
  • Society members mistreat other members because of inflated sense of self.
  • Laws unfairly advantage members who believe they deserve more.
  • Society members consider the feelings of buildings over the feelings of other living things.
  • Society members relinquish responsibility for their own actions.
  • Society members absolve themselves of responsibility for extending themselves.

When society suffers from spiritual illness, each member feels the effects, no matter their role in perpetuating the spiritual illness.

Spiritual illness strikes!

spiritual illness

This past week, I suffered from a bout of spiritual illness. My body gave way, and I gave in. For days I rested and let my body restore itself to health. During that time I pondered the causes, the cures, and the symptoms. During that time, Spiritual Presence quieted, leaving me to wonder what the purpose was for my suffering.

I was ill, but not very ill. I had a fever, but no other symptoms. I lost my appetite, but gained enhanced senses of taste and smell. I asked Spiritual Presence questions throughout, slowly coming to an understanding as I experienced my body’s struggle.

Spiritual illness is illness that blows in when spiritual questioning causes imbalance that the body cannot fathom. Spiritual illness affects people who face questioning or attack at the spiritual level. The questioning can be internal or from other people. Even a person who is strong in his or her beliefs can suffer spiritual illness when outside influences overtax the framework of belief.

Recognizing spiritual illness is difficult because other symptoms can cloud its existence. Treating the body for non-spiritual causes will not balance the spiritual imbalance. The balancing work requires efforts that go beyond normal healing.

Having awareness of the cause is the first step. Subsequent steps could include ruling out—and treating—physical or emotional causes. Examining one’s spiritual beliefs can be another step.

Awareness of the importance of spiritual balance is needed for full body-soul balance.

Life from within spiritual connection

Post 107-entertainment

My life is lived with constant awareness of spiritual connection. Sensing all the time that my actions have consequence and pull on myself and others. When I participate in building activities—activities that build my character, body, or thoughts, or that build my community—I am living my spiritually designed life. When I participate in non-sustaining activities—activities that waste my precious time or cause hurt to myself or others—I live emptily. Full or empty, I get to choose and my choice demonstrates my connection to spiritual living.

Before I was as connected as I am to Spiritual Presence, I had a sense of the importance of my daily life choices. Now I am constantly aware of the importance. I choose more building activities than I used to, but nonetheless, the call of mindless pursuits continues to sidetrack me.

When I work with people in individual Energy Guidance Complete sessions, I soar in the spiritual connection, although it appears to the person sitting across from me that I am focused elsewhere but am Renee grounded. As I converse with Spiritual Presence, I am elsewhere—neither grounded nor flying, rather in a state of transposed being. I look like I’m here, but I’m actually mentally moving beyond.

This place of conversation with Spiritual Presence feels natural to me so I present it in a low-key, natural way to the people receiving the spiritual messages through me. The messages are truth revealed, and yet the receivers often don’t grasp the largeness of the words that come through me. I offer each person’s truth that can bring balance and well-being, and yet, some cannot take the words and apply the truth. As Renee, I feel saddened and frustrated when people don’t realize the amazingness of the messages. As the voice for Spiritual Presence, I feel waiting. Waiting to be heard and waiting to be connected. And so I continue to soar and bring the messages to each person who is ready to hear.

The conversations with Spiritual Presence can be moving and wise. The conversations can also be casual and minor. I myself don’t comprehend the largeness of the connection, because it now feels so natural. In my poetry book Unfolding, I delve into my connection with Spiritual Presence. Here is an excerpt from the poem:

Poem-Connection with Spiritual Presence

Life from within spiritual connection is amazing! enlightening!
clarifying! a responsibility! sometimes lonely!
filled with wisdom!
filled with connection!!

People to watch

(a re-view of the post “Sometimes the Least Boisterous Person is the True Star—The Dos & Dont’s of Notice”)


True attention deservers are the ones that take part, help out, and bring hope.
The others deserve less notice…

In a gathering, there usually are the people who stand out. They generate more buzz, they attract attention. There are the people who mill around the buzz-makers and there are the people who make the buzz in the background.

The background buzz-makers are the real ones to follow, but they often don’t make the fuss that generates the action. These people do acts of kindness, make others comfortable, fulfill the role of support provider, and consider the needs of society. These people understand that they are obligated: obligated to care for their families and their community and obligated to remember the needs of the environment and of the creatures that inhabit the Earth.

There are stand-out individuals who not only generate buzz in the limelight, but also fulfill their obligations in much-larger-than-self ways. They, and the less visible obligation-fulfillers, receive notice in the spiritual realm where one’s actions really matter.

This blog post provides the Dos and Dont’s of getting noticed for behavior deserving of notice.

DO:  Fill your time with sustaining activities

Here are a few examples of sustaining activities from Pond a Connected Existence:

“Spending time with loved ones! Playing with babies! Teaching children in the customs and traditions of one’s forebears! Singing! Dancing! Singing well! Singing flat! Artistic expression! Preparing healthful meals! Picnics!  Family gatherings! Gatherings of friends! Gatherings of people for life events—sad ones and happy ones!… Working with gusto! Working with integrity! Working in unison and working alone! Group activities that have a higher purpose! Group activities that bring enjoyment! Walking! Running! Jumping! Riding a bike! Riding a wave! Swimming! Moving for fun and moving for health! …”

DO: Take care of the environment

Taking care of the environment includes planting plants, trees, and flowers. It also includes not littering and not being wasteful with the Earth’s resources.

DO: Take part in activities that bring betterment to the community and to the less fortunate

No matter how busy you think you are, you are not too busy to help out with a volunteer organization in your area (unless you are attending to a terminally ill family member which is consuming all of your time).

DO: Smile, even when smiling feels forced

A smile lifts the spirits of those who see the smile and the one who wears the smile. As an experiment, sing a song while not smiling and then sing the song again while smiling. Smiling simply changes one’s mood and one’s influence on others.

DON’T: Smile at a person if you are thinking bad thoughts about them

A fake smile cannot necessarily be detected by others, but it is recorded in the spiritual realm. Pretending to be happy when someone makes you unhappy is the incorrect approach. If someone really affects you in a negative way, either try to limit exposure to this person or try to change the dynamic.

DON’T: Fill your time with non-sustaining activities

“Non-sustaining activities include small things like watching too much TV, playing too many computer games, eating junk food, complaining about inconveniences. Larger non-sustaining activities include things like participating in aggressive behavior towards other people, other creatures, or the environment; eating too much food; focusing on the lives of people who have no true relevance in one’s life (for instance, following the movements of a celebrity or keeping tabs on old love interests); pretending to like one’s job or partner or pastimes or this or that, when one is unhappy…” – “Pond a Connected Existence”.

DON’T: Say no when asked to help just because you want more free time

“Obligation to one’s community is much larger than many people think. Taking part in elections, taking part in cleaning up, taking part in communal rituals—these are the basic obligations on all. Beyond those acts, one should participate in bettering the community. ” – “Pond a Connected Existence”

Saying no when help is needed does not earn notice where it matters. If you are feeling too tired, rather than lessening your sustaining activities, examine your less sustaining activities and consider lessening them.

DON’T: Be wasteful

Appreciate what you have. Don’t be greedy with your desires. In general, people want more than they need so try to be reasonable in your usage of resources that are not easily replenishable.


The notice being discussed here is not notice by the people seeking excitement. It is notice in the spiritual realm that considers the actions of people and provides spiritual connection or not.

The more a person strives to bring balance to himself or herself and to the family, community, and neighboring environment, the more possibility of spiritual connection and guidance. Balance within and with all lead to life lived purposefully and with spiritual connection.

Connections = living that is correct


By design, people are meant to connect. They are meant to connect with other people and with their own needs, with the seasons and with the environment, with the animals who roam the earth, and with spiritual energy. Yes, that means each of us. Each of us, you and I, are designed and programmed to connect. Connection is built-in. Part of the people blueprint.

Although the connections are very different, they intertwine and inform one another. People are meant to depend on one another. They are designed to work in groups: to build together, to create communities, to help one another in times of difficulty, to find common purpose, and to help those entering and exiting life. People are meant to learn from the world around and to contribute to its betterment.

The natural world has its rhythms and cycles, cycles of seasons and cycles of beginnings and endings. People are meant to fit into these rhythms and cycles, and to gain self-awareness through their observations. Observation of the animals adds to self-awareness and to appreciation of ourselves and of the amazement of life. Amazing too are the heights people can ascend when they allow their own self-abilities and personality to lead their lives. Opening to sharing in the wonder of the world with spiritual energy is opening to more vital and glorious living.

Each of us, you and I, are designed and programmed to connect and care and feel. Connecting to and feeling part of, caring for and feeling empathy, and feeling intertwined. The design is the design.

Letting You into my journey–“Exploring Energy Guidance Complete, My Journey” is published!

cover for Exploring EGC

In Exploring Energy Guidance Complete, My Journey I describe my awakening to my connection with Spiritual Presence and to the wisdom of Energy Guidance Complete. In my journey towards personal balance and my work as a spiritual healer, I require facing many aspects of life, and these aspects are presented in the book because they have relevance for all people who seek well-being.

Here are snippets from the book:

  • From the topic “Willingness to Blossom”:

The willingness to blossom is not built in. It is a conscious decision that each person makes. It doesn’t mean succeeding; it means being open to succeeding. It means having a sense of purpose and making the purpose a priority.

  • From the topic “Life Uplifted”:

Here are my life-uplifting activities: Spiritual Presence awareness, writing about Spiritual Presence, connecting people to balance and healing,…dancing: with my dance-class women, at live music performances, during Energy Guidance Complete sessions, alone while listening to music that is lively or meaningful…watching my children evolve…caring for my garden, my home, other people…”

  • From the topic “Connecting to Curiosity and Fascination”:

When people connect to the environment, they ground themselves. When people connect to animals, they entertain themselves. When people connect to other people, they understand themselves.

  • From the topic”Not-difficulty in Life”:

“One can learn to positively understand one’s life by noticing the minor unencumbered moments and consciously remembering to let them leave a quiet, subtle impression. The accumulation of these positive and soft impressions raise and balance attitude.” Pond a Connected Existence reminds us to see the not-difficulty in the chapter “Moment”.

Noticing all the small successes and eases that accompany life bring gratitude and calmness. For most people, the small successes and eases far out-weigh the irritations and stumbling blocks. Focusing on how often things go right helps when things don’t. Remembering to feel appreciative when daily life runs smoothly helps create a kind and healthy person.

  • From the topic “My Journey”

Awareness of a new direction nudged me, and I began to write additional information I received. This information started as separate essays. After writing several essays, I understood that something larger was being written. These wisdom essays became the first volume in the “Existence-Me Elevated Living” book series. I understood that I would be writing a series of seven books.

The first one was especially exciting to write, for I was amazed at each word that materialized from my questioning. I learned to ask questions in a focused manner, and the words began to flow onto the computer.

(From the beginning of the topic) My path was not forced on me, but societal and family pressures led me to walk a route that was not my own. Growing up in a family that valued conformity and security led me to studies that weren’t appropriate for my natural talents, to suppression of my true desires for traveling and exploration, and to choice-making that was for someone other than me. I learned that being not-too-outspoken and not-too-ready-to-express-creative-thoughts elicited approval and admiration.


The magic pill

Post 106 personal resistance

I have been guiding people towards balance through Energy Guidance Complete. This work involves people making changes in their habits and in their choices. This approach requires a positive spirit and willingness to change.

When people apply the wisdom of Energy Guidance Complete, their symptoms abate and their goals become reachable.

Here’s the amazing aspect of my work–and by amazing I mean that I am shaking my head with disbelief–when presented with healing that requires a willing spirit and desire for health, too many choose to remain afflicted and floundering. Too many want me to say a magic sentence and all will be right for them. Too many want me to tell them a secret cure to fix all ails. Too many want to be well without changing a thing. Too many want to be svelte without putting down the fork and stuffing their mouths with worthless and damaging edible things that masquerade as food. Too many prefer to give their kids a pill rather than make them eat breakfast every morning. Too many want ease.

Promises of an easy life come from marketing blurbs and diet supplements. Real life requires investment in proper nutrition, adequate sleep, and daily exercise. And community service and time for friends.

The magic pill is loving oneself and living a life that exudes this love. This magic pill comes with the following instructions:

  1. Keep a positive attitude and complain less.
  2. Breathe more deeply and stand straighter.
  3. Acknowledge ability to be well and pursue wellness.

Energy Guidance Complete is spiritually guided healing that requires each person to invest in themselves. With spiritual guidance amazing changes can happen, but taking part by the individual causes the amazing changes to become reality.

Farmers’ market balance

Post 104-veggies.jpg

Farmers markets are opportunities to buy freshest-­of­-fresh fruits and vegetables and items prepared by farmers and other stall owners. Farmers markets are opportunities to be close to the produce without having gone to the farm to pick them. Farmers markets are different from grocery stores in that opportunity is provided for connecting with people who are connected to the gifts that come from the earth.

The fruits and vegetables that are displayed at farmers markets are usually local produce. They contain remembrance of the land that is nearby. At a spiritual level, eating produce that came from nearby land is nourishing beyond spiritual sustenance that occurs from eating produce that came from afar. The body won’t feel the difference, but the spirit will. Eating produce from other countries or from great distances inside one country is less spiritually sustaining. The spiritual sustenance occurs through the intangible thread that ties the earth in which the produce grew to the person eating. The farther the distance, the less ability of the thread to connect. Local produce supply the connection.

Intangible connection to the foods that nourish our physical bodies is one more step towards balance. The more we eat the spiritually balancing gifts from the earth, the more easily we can connect to our soulful selves.

Note: Growing one’s own fruits and vegetables is even more spiritually balancing.

Note: In small countries where the produce does not travel far to reach the grocery stores, the produce in the grocery stores still has the intact intangible thread to the earth, but the handling of the produce affects access to the earth-giving spiritual connection.

The trusting eyes

trusting eyes

Look into the eyes of a person whose faith is sure. You will see longing and hope, resolve and centeredness. Certainty in, security in, and clothed in are the descriptions of a person of faith.

Faith is intangible. Faith is an acknowledgement. Acknowledgement of belief and acknowledgement of acceptance. Acceptance and belief enable the surrender to beyond-self possibility.

The intangibility of faith is the difficulty for doubting minds. Proof of beyond-self is wanted by them, but intangibility is just that—intangible. To experience the sense of beyond through gut feelings, flashes of knowing, inspiration (to name a few) is the proof for acceptance of beyond-self.

Faith is opening. Faith is reassuring. Faith is balancing.

Open to the possibility of beyond-self reality.

Connecting to Guidance

This article is reprinted from Healing.Answers.com in the Personal Growth category: http://healing.answers.com/personal-growth/connecting-to-guidance

Post 92-spiritual connection

Have you ever felt a helping hand when you needed assistance? Have you ever sensed guidance during times of uncertainty? There are beyond-life companions that bind to us, and we can access their help and their hope if we are open.

How to Become Aware of Guidance

Awareness of guidance is different for each person. Someone will feel a “kick in the pants”.  Someone else will feel a “tug at the heart”. Guidance can feel like vibrations throughout the body or gentle touches on the skin or flashes of inspiration. Feeling a sense of security or a gut feeling or opening in the throat or a knock on the head are sensations of guidance. Hearing a soundless voice or tasting a sense of a known substance are other forms of felt guidance. Many other types of awareness occur, and each person can experience one of more of these forms of communication.

How to Learn from Guides

Guidance from beyond is available to all, but because of movement away from nature and away from openness to beyond-human-interactions, many people cannot access guidance.  Guidance from beyond transfers wisdom from those who came before. The wisdom assists with decision-making and action-taking.

Each person learns differently, but there are general guidelines. Awareness of how guidance is transferred is the first step, and each person must ascertain the communication forms for himself/herself. The next step is to determine if you want this help. After that, decide how and when you want to use this communication.

How to Develop Patterns that Increase the Guidance

In general, the more a person is connected to nature, the more easily the connection to beyond happens. By observing nature through the senses, connection to beyond usually increases. Although the connection to nature is not necessary for communication with guides, the connection does assist in developing awareness of guidance.  Increased guidance happens when connection to possibilities is cultivated.

What does it mean to cultivate connection to possibilities? Being attentive to the guidance indicators (kick in the pants, tug at the heart, etc.) cultivates connection to possibilities. Being open to receiving the communications and then using the assistance when it is received builds connection to possibilities. Being accepting of oneself is also a way to increase the guidance.

There are no definitive steps for communicating with beyond-life companions, because each person has a pull towards/push away from such communications that is influential in creating or denying the ability to connect. Openness is the key to possibilities.

Balancing the balancing—the intertwined design of life


(taken from my article of the same name on Healing.Answers.com )

“The design of the body is just exact and nearly as beautiful as the most beautiful object. Being brilliantly designed and executed, the body accompanies its inhabitant throughout the body’s existence. Beautiful in motion, in repose, in its beginning and in its ending, ….”  from the chapter “Connection of the Four Components of Health” in Pond a Connected Existence.

“Being brilliantly designed and executed” is the description of the human body. This description refers not only to the physical component of the body, but also to the nonphysical components—the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual components. The body is a complex interconnected creation that demands balance of all the components to be truly itself. Balance is the key to life as designed.

What does it mean to live in balance?

Achieving balance is important to living well. Living well does not mean being prosperous or famous. Living well means living with purpose and with vitality, with awareness of the rhythms of the world, and with connections. Connections to other people, to the environment, to other creatures, to spiritual presence, and to oneself.

Knowing how to live within the constraints of the human body while enabling it to thrive permits the growth and development of a balanced being. Knowing how to give and take love, kindness, and support permits the widening of the emotions and the strengthening of the body. Knowing how to take interest in the world around and in its inhabitants permits the development of the intellect, the development of the emotions, and the versatility of the body. Knowing how to open to spiritual presence enables the relaxing of the spirit, which then relaxes the intellect, emotions, and body. Spirit—mind—emotions—body; all connected, all the time.

What is the first step towards balance?

The first step to bringing balance to the whole composition that is a person is to accept the intertwined design of life. It is important to understand that each decision, each movement, and each interaction affects the connected body in each of the components. By living as a connected human being—connected to oneself and to one’s interconnected composition and connected to all that is around (the environment, other people, the many creatures), a person can thrive and shine in a life well lived.

What is the second step towards balance?

The second step to bringing balance is to create realistic goals that achieve purposeful living. Here are three examples of steps to purposeful living:

  1. Creating warm and lasting relationships with family members and chosen friends balance all four components of health. This balancing goal can be achieved by scheduling time for visits with, calls to, and fun adventures with family and friends.
  2. Avoiding intentional damage to the environment balances the components of health. Thinking of ways to individually create less havoc in the world—less use of disposables, less reliance on animal products, etc.—balances the intellectual and emotional components of health. Following through and doing these things balances all four components of health.
  3. Avoiding intentional damage to our own selves balances the components of health. This step is not easy, but is necessary for balancing. Examining one’s lifestyle, choices, and activities balances the intellectual and emotional components of health. Following through and making changes balances all four components of health.

A simple way to bring balance

One way to balance yourself is to feel the weather. Rather than rush out of the rain, walk in it and feel the raindrops. Rather than avoid the cold weather, dress appropriately but let yourself shiver and notice your body’s shivering. During the hot months, let your body feel the heat and let it sweat.


By taking steps to connect with ourselves and with our situation (our surroundings, our society, and our ability to bring change), we can create meaningful and well-lived lives!

Insights into health and life


In the book Pond a Connected Existence, there is wisdom that calls out for action:

  • From the chapter “Behavior & Release”:

“The state of extended over-tiredness can lead to general overall unwellness, affected decision-making, and overestimation of abilities. Sleep is essential.”

  • From the chapter “Pliable and Different”:

“Many people think they can’t change; that is false thinking. By design, people are made to adapt, adopt, and be adept.”

  • From the chapter “Luck! What Luck?:

“The importance of preparation cannot be overemphasized. Without it, opportunities are squandered, missed, lost.”

How are these morsels of wisdom connected?

  • With adequate sleep, a person can think more clearly and take the actions necessary to be prepared.
  • Adaptability contributes to preparation for the future. Adaptability is available to those who are willing to examine their decision-making and change when a decision no longer brings clarity.
  • One can never be prepared for all events, no matter how prepared, because life is so unknown. Sleep prepares for handling life’s uncertainty and refocuses perspective about one’s ability to change and receive the future.

Energy Guidance Complete is gifted awareness from beyond.

Open your eyes and see the connection!

Open your heart and feel the call!

Open your arms and receive the guidance!

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People cycle in groups


The book Awaiting Light—Understanding the Development of the Soul explains the connection of people to their relatives, friends, and special acquaintances beyond the current life. Connections are built-in through the soul-color attribute Coloration.

“Coloration provides cyclical incarnation. Souls that are in the same group bind in varying combinations that cause them to have recognition from incarnation to incarnation. Coloration is just one attribute of each soul so that people with the same coloration can be very different, but the recognition of group membership can lead to pairing and connections time after time. Coloration determines the appearance of group member souls, but it does not guarantee harmony or comfort.

Groups contain souls that will join through marriage, friendship, extended family relations, and special relationship connections such as through work, community, and interests. Groups provide order to life because they influence choices and connections.

Life does not allow for members of groups to connect in each incarnation. Meetings don’t always occur, marriages don’t always happen, and different decisions lead to movement away from natural relationships. Life with group members is more satisfying, but not necessarily more relaxed. The other soul-color attributes can influence group functionality. Attraction to others not in one’s group can bring satisfaction because group membership is not the uppermost requirement for happiness with one’s life.

Similar coloration can be felt when meeting people for the first time. Natural attraction to people can be a sign of coloration matching. This sense of attraction is felt when meeting people who were once lovers, friends, or kin (in other incarnations). Other incarnations are not actually felt during the current life, but the sense of comfort or knowingness is.

Togetherness is vital for normal human development. Coloration assists the joining of people in units (families, friendships, etc.) so that togetherness can be achieved. Familiarity is not a fluke; familiarity is built into people connections.”

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